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MCR System: a complete platform of intelligence to transform raw data into strategic knowledge.

From 1996 until today, AREA has constantly pursued the objectives of cutting edge technology and qualitative excellence in the LI sector. As the first operator in Italy to introduce a multi-channel audio digital recording system based on standard market components and featuring total accessibility through IP networks, the company is now the national leader in this sector, with over 300 installations of its MCR System around the world.

The solution is developed entirely in AREA labs, which are sustained by the investment of over 90% of profits and an R&D staff that, together with the technical assistance personnel, represents 80% of total human resources.

Collaboration with research centres and universities, investments in development and promotion of talents are the winning elements that make AREA the leader in this sector in Italy and a key player on international markets.

Moreover, the total focus on the LI sector and on a specific type of customer – Lawful Enforcement Agencies (LEA) – provides AREA with in-depth knowledge about the demanding requirements of the market regarding security, speed, effectiveness and technical support.

Intelligence is an extremely complex and delicate process, called upon to meet the new challenges introduced by the growing technological complexity of telecommunication systems and the need to guarantee the utmost protection and respect of privacy, while simultaneously offering concrete support in the analysis of data and information.

AREA has always invested in the development of technological LI solutions to satisfy the high qualitative standards in demand, working in a responsible and reliable manner and without impacting the voice, data and video transmission service provided to other users.


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