Portfolio of modular and vertical "Forensic Proof" solutions


Solutions developed around user’s needs, reliable, updated, complete, powerful and user friendly.


The portfolio of solutions and tools developed by AREA touches on four main areas, within which, technical solutions and products are developed. 

Solutions and products that can be combined in a modular way to adapt to specific needs. 

The intrinsic modularity in the construction of the portfolio produced and offered by AREA allows to offer both extensive “End-To-End” solutions covering entire areas of activity, and the supply of specific and vertical tools. 

Alongside the technical coverage of the solutions developed and proposed, AREA offers specific services to support the installation and maintenance of the systems, to ensure the highest quality in the installation, according to the principle: produced by AREA, installed by AREA, supported by AREA.


AREA’s portfolio of solutions is built on a strong paradigm of data validation and retention from the initial stages of development, to ensure a “Forensic Proof” result. 

The original integrity and validity of the data are totally preserved. 

Services and application sectors


AREA’s solutions oriented to structured investigative and intelligence activities according to the Lawful Interception and Data Retention approaches and standards.


AREA’s solutions oriented to investigative and intelligence activities that require vertical tools capable of bringing results even in the most complex conditions.


AREA’s solutions oriented to investigative and intelligence activities that require the collection of information from the field and in physical proximity.


AREA’s solutions aimed at evaluating and comparing collected data and researching relationships. 


AREA offers specialized technical services for the complete management of projects, which allow users to focus on the relevant activities of their role, without worrying about the operating status of the system. 

The services offered include project management, preparation and installation, customization and integration, training, assistance, support, and maintenance. 

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